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Chinese FinTech – Hong Kong Fund Management’s Goliath at the Gates

Chinese FinTech – Hong Kong Fund Management’s Goliath at the Gates

7 March 2017

Paul Treanor Hong Kong’s US$2.3 trillion fund management industry has fallen behind in terms of Financial Technology (“FinTech”) driven automation and online offerings. This restricts market growth and results in higher investor costs. For Hong Kong funds, the fax machine is still King and a significant FinTech gap now exists between Hong Kong and Mainland China. The... MORE

The silos stopping providers from innovating

The silos stopping providers from innovating

14 February 2017

Natanje Holt The pensions industry in the UK has undergone some of the most profound changes in a generation as successive governments have taken steps to encourage greater saving to prevent real hardship in old age. Changes to the way pension pots can be accessed, the scrapping of compulsory annuities and changes to the state pension all... MORE

Life Insurance Megatrends – The 10 trends reshaping the industry

9 February 2017

David Loader Download the ‘Life Insurance Megatrends’ whitepaper In an increasingly digitised world, the ability to deliver engaging, highly personalised offerings to customers at low cost will prove vital for Australian life insurers in the years ahead. Fast growing demand for innovative and targeted insurance products and services, largely driven by millennials, has highlighted the importance of... MORE

Failure not an option for the pensions dashboard

Failure not an option for the pensions dashboard

1 February 2017

Freddie Findlater In an industry often criticised for its reluctance to embrace technology, the decision by a group of large providers to create a pensions dashboard is an admission that digitalisation is no longer negotiable. Digitally savvy consumers, comfortable using technology in their everyday lives, are demanding more from financial services, but the fragmented nature of pension... MORE

HK-China Mutual Recognition of Funds –  Slow start belies market potential

HK-China Mutual Recognition of Funds – Slow start belies market potential

20 January 2017

Paul Treanor After a somewhat bumpy start, the Hong Kong–China Mutual Recognition of Funds (MRF) scheme – the first agreement of its kind with Mainland China – is slowly gaining momentum. Introduced in July 2015, the new regulatory scheme provides mutual funds in Hong Kong (HK) and Mainland China with cross-border mobility for the first time. Under... MORE

Don’t neglect the back office – Digital strategies need to be about more than just websites

18 January 2017

Kirsty Worgan With digitalisation increasingly taking centre stage in everyday life, many financial services firms are looking to improve their digital offering in a bid to appeal to current and prospective clients. However, all too often, companies focus their attention exclusively on developing all-singing, all-dancing websites, based on consistent user experiences, without any corresponding update to their... MORE

Who will be the Steve Jobs of the life insurance industry?

Who will be the Steve Jobs of the life insurance industry?

14 December 2016

David Loader 2017 marks ten years since Apple first launched the iPhone. Flash forward to today and these devices are so heavily relied upon in our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without them. The iPhone has evolved to perform many different roles within our lives. It’s not just a phone but an entertainment system, a... MORE

When it comes to financial services, not all millennials are created equally – a one size fits all approach is not going to work

13 December 2016

Freddie Findlater ‘Millennial’ is fast becoming an overused term in today’s society. As this group, comprised of 18 to 34 year olds, comes of age and takes on more financial responsibility, the financial services industry is scratching its head about how to capture it from a commercial point of view. So far though, this crusade has only... MORE

Why tech due diligence provides the necessary edge for making M&As succeed

6 December 2016

Tony Collins Completion of mergers or acquisitions rarely happen quickly, given the wealth of due diligence that needs to take place before possible deals are agreed. The potential for entering new markets, cost cuttings via shared supply chains or increased market share, I am sure, will all be meticulously reviewed and weighed throughout the process. However, what... MORE

Technology is not a solution on its own – it needs to underpin a strong, well-thought business plan

5 December 2016

Kirsty Worgan In an age of increasingly tech savvy consumers, digital strategies are very much de rigueur for wealth management firms. However, all too often, businesses hire a digital director and then come to a standstill, believing the digital box to be ticked. While this is a start, there is much more these firms need to do... MORE