Meet Darren Stevens, Director Product Management and Strategy

In each edition of bInformed, we interview a different member of the Bravura Solutions’ team. In this edition, we talk to Darren Stevens, Director Product Management and Strategy, based in Melbourne.

Darren Stevens 2016

How long have you been with Bravura Solutions?

I joined Bravura in 2007 at the start of the Sonata journey as the Global Head of Product covering all of Bravura’s software products.

What does your role entail, what are your main areas of responsibility?

I have quite a broad portfolio of responsibilities at Bravura. Firstly, I work with the Product Management team to ensure Sonata remains a market leading proposition in our chosen markets. This includes understanding market trends, our client’s strategies and translating that into where we need to develop our products. The team also looks after product governance ensuring what we build works globally across our customer base. I am also responsible for working with the Executive and the Board to set our strategic direction and longer term plans. Alongside this is the responsibility for our global marketing function which covers everything from our internet and intranet site right through to marketing campaigns and thought leadership. Finally, my team has oversight over the Sonata R&D program, ensuring we are investing in developing out new functionality that aligns to our strategic plans and sales initiatives.

What are your views on Bravura Solutions’ achievements, which achievements in particular stand out for you, and why?

Back when I started with Bravura we had a vision of what Sonata would become. A functionally rich, modern architecture and technology and all delivered in an agile like way with a single code base for our global community of clients. To get there involved a lot of dedication from the whole team at Bravura. It would have been easy to buckle to an easier road as the majority of our competitors have done. We are now starting to see the fruits of our labours with the company in a really solid position having made this big brave investment.

Where do you see Bravura Solutions heading, what is your vision for Bravura’s future?

We are in a really strong position to capitalise on a number of core market trends in each of our markets. We see growth leveraged off our strengths in each region. We have a strong position in Pensions (Superannuation) in Australia and are looking to take this into the large UK Pensions market. Similarly, we want to take our Platform functionality from the UK and export that into Australia, NZ and South Africa.

Having successfully re-listed last year with a clean balance sheet and access to capital we are in a good position to grow organically and through strategic acquisitions. We have started to push more strongly into the Digital side with our clients and looking to up the ante on some of the great work coming out of the innovation labs. I would like to see this develop as a more significant side of our business.

What are your personal interests, what do you enjoy doing outside of work at Bravura Solutions?

My wife Lina and I love travel. We have a long bucket list of destinations that we are actively ticking off but one country we are always going back to is Africa. I also try and tie in my other passions and some charity work into my travels. These included riding my motorcycle across Australia with Bravura’s very own John Burke as well as climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking to Everest Base camp, walking the Kokoda trail and visiting the Gorilla’s in Rwanda.

Who is/has been your role model, why?

I don’t have one specific role model but look to the leaders in many aspects of life to learn and adopt the good things they do. In business, I like Richard Branson’s approach of employee-centric management strategies, Al Gore for his Climate leadership and Elon Musk for his vision and having a go at what others think is impossible.

What do you view as your biggest personal achievement?

Being able to balance my hectic work life, my home life while achieving my bucket list challenges.