Meet David Hughes, Head of Operations, New Zealand

In each edition of bInformed, we interview a different member of the Bravura Solutions’ team. In this edition, we talk to David Hughes, our Head of Operations New Zealand, based in Auckland.



How long have you been with Bravura Solutions?

Eight years.

What does your role entail, what are your main areas of responsibility?

Primarily I am responsible for the delivery of support and services to Bravura’s New Zealand clients. I also have been spearheading the development of Hosting or SAAS delivery models for our APAC clients.

What are your personal interests, what do you enjoy doing outside of
work at Bravura solutions?

Good food, good wine, good beer and a bit of fishing (usually from my kayak).

Who is/has been your role model, why?

I don’t believe in role models.  I have always been careful of who I work for so have had a lot of good managers in my career that have all added to my abilities. Beyond that, I think we should look to our youth as role models – they are a lot smarter, connected and world aware than we ever were.

What do you view as your biggest personal achievement?

I always reflect on people who have worked for me and how they have succeeded in both work and personal life, particularly those who were starting their careers.

What are your views on Bravura Solutions’ achievements, which achievements in particular stand out for you, and why?

I started at Bravura when KiwiSaver (New Zealand superannuation) was being implemented. Companies like Bravura committing to developing systems to meet industry requirements and supporting the success of such initiatives are needed. Bravura chooses to stand in the market to meet these requirements and the commitment to getting it done is unwavering.

Where do you see Bravura Solutions heading, what is your vision for Bravura Solutions’ future?

When explaining what we, do I like to refer to the number of people that we are supporting to provide for their future security – whether through superannuation, KiwiSaver, investments or lifestyle insurance products. In New Zealand, we support more than a quarter of the population. With the digital age, this is becoming more obvious in the more direct relationship between the product and the end customer. I want to see Bravura working with our clients to make sure customers can access products and be successful in providing for their futures.