Meet Jason Tong, Director of Business Development

In each edition of bInformed, we interview a different member of the Bravura Solutions’ team. In this edition, we talk to Jason Tong, Director of Business Development.

Jason Tong 2016

Which office do you work out of?

How long have you been with Bravura Solutions?
Since towards the end of 2005 when TACIT Group, the creators of the Talisman platform, was acquired by Bravura. I was the COO for TACIT at the time of acquisition so you could say that my history in the business goes back quite a long way.

What does your role entail, what are your main areas of responsibility?
I am responsible for growing our lines of business in the APAC region which means developing our propositions, deepening our customer relationships and broadening the adoption of our Sonata solution in the market. To achieve this growth, we are committed to customer centricity, customer trust and assisting customers in obtaining value from their investments in Bravura’s solutions.

What are your views on Bravura Solutions’ achievements, which achievements in particular stand out for you, and why?
Over the journey the one that stands out to me is that we have ultimately been successful in bringing Sonata to market and establishing a global portfolio of referenceable blue chip customer sites. The achievement in building and launching Sonata was a significant milestone but that has now been eclipsed in the last few years by an established track record of delivering quality outcomes in large complex projects through to customer production running and beyond.

Where do you see Bravura Solutions heading, what is your vision for Bravura’s future?
I see us continuing to deliver quality customer outcomes underpinned by our Sonata solution in expanding industry verticals and new markets. This will come through our TPA and IT partnerships as well as directly. The progression towards Cloud based and as-a-service models make consumption of enterprise class solutions more accessible and affordable, Sonata is very well positioned in this context with many customers already consuming Sonata under private-cloud arrangements.

What are your personal interests, what do you enjoy doing outside of work at Bravura Solutions?
Family time is always number one., two adolescents who are rapidly growing into young adults keeps me on my toes. My real passion and pastime is music and specifically guitar…keep an eye out for the Bravura band!

Who is/has been your role model, why?
I don’t have one individual role model. I have learnt a great deal from the people that I have spent time with professionally as well as outside of work.

What do you view as your biggest personal achievement?
Maintaining a workable home / work balance is an important personal achievement for me. As a busy executive this is not easy however, with the support of my family, so far I have been able to achieve this.