Meet Wade Weirman, Head of Managed Cloud Services

In each edition of bInformed, we interview a different member of the Bravura Solutions team. In this edition, we talk to Wade Weirman, Head of Managed Cloud Services, based in Sydney.

How long have you been with Bravura Solutions?

12 years this June 2018! Most of that time has been spent in Sydney but I’ve also had the opportunity with Bravura to live and work in Bangkok, Hanoi, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

What does your role entail? What are your main areas of responsibility?

Like many roles at Bravura, Head of Managed Cloud Services has many and varied aspects to it – it starts with presales and goes all the way through project cycles to BAU operations. At its heart, the role is about hosting our administration solutions Sonata and Garradin on behalf of our clients, providing them with the best possible experience using our software. The preference for our Australian clients is to achieve this on public cloud using Amazon Web Services, although we can also help clients with their on-premise or private cloud deployments as well.

What Bravura achievements stand out for you, and why?

There are so many wins globally it’s hard to choose one or two. Bravura’s year on year success and growth as evidenced in our financial report’s revenue and EBITDA is a great indication of our achievements. Our most recent win in Australia with Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) stands out for me. This is our first Australian client taking Sonata as a fully managed service on Amazon Web Services – the whole industry is watching this unfold in Australia. Once CSC have paved the way with the regulators, more clients are bound to take the same path.

Where do you see Bravura Solutions heading? What is your vision for Bravura’s future?

In the not too distant future I see all of our clients taking our software as a fully managed service – on premise installations will be a thing of the past. With the further development of automation for deployments and management on public cloud it will be possible for clients to deploy new environments with just a credit card and a few button clicks.

What are your personal interests? What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Travel, travel, travel. I would drop everything to go anywhere at a moment’s notice with just the clothes on my back (and a passport and credit card). Amusingly I’ve done that a few times for Bravura – and loved it.

Who is/has been your role model, and why?

Who: Elon Musk. Why: SpaceX and Tesla – two companies producing the most awesome products. Just look at how Elon responds to his customers’ concerns on Twitter and fixes their car problems with OTA software updates!

What do you view as your biggest personal achievement?

This is so cliché but I have to say – kids. So many things that used to be important to me before have just faded in significance compared to the experiences and joy that every day brings with those lovely little monsters.