Meet Ron Mullins, Head of Account Management, Sydney

In each edition of bInformed, we interview a different member of the Bravura Solutions’ team. In this edition, we talk to Ron Mullins, our Head of Account Management, based in Sydney.


Which office do you work out of?

I am based in our Sydney office, as part of Bravura’s Asia Pacific Sales team.

How long have you been with Bravura Solutions?

I joined Bravura Solutions in September 2016.

What does your role entail, what are your main areas of responsibility?

My role involves engaging with clients as they seek to transform their businesses. In particular, I focus on the development of new business opportunities and supporting existing clients within the Asia Pacific region, with a core focus on Sonata – Bravura’s next-generation wealth management platform that supports superannuation, investments, life insurance and wrap.

Often the undertaking of implementing state-of-the-art technology to support our client’s businesses is compared to ‘open heart surgery’. This analogy reflects the complexity, risk and opportunity faced by these organisations as they seek a trusted partner to go on a journey of the highest importance to the business.

I enjoy working with our clients in this trusted position as they seek to change the way their businesses are run.

What are your views on Bravura Solutions’ achievements? Which achievements in particular stand out for you, and why?

Bravura has many achievements to be proud of. The one that stands out to me is the foresight of Bravura to start a $100 million journey to develop Sonata. This was a commitment to create a compelling new platform that is genuinely modern to the core, unified, efficient, upgradable, customer-centric and cloud-enabled.

Today, as I talk to our clients, they make it clear they are seeking a solution that supports regulatory change, integrates digital services, manages cost and margin pressures in a business environment of consolidation. Sonata elegantly answers these questions and provides a clear path for the future.

Where do you see Bravura Solutions heading? What is your vision for Bravura’s future?

Bravura has an exciting future, and off the back of Bravura’s recent listing on the Australian Stock Exchange the business is moving into a new and exciting era of growth.

I also see geographic expansion as part of our future. Given the presence and deep experience of Bravura across Australia, Asia Pacific and the UK, we are in the unique positon of having a global view of the wealth business that will take Sonata into new regions.

What are your personal interests? What do you enjoy doing outside of work at Bravura Solutions?
Food, travel and pop culture are at the top of my list. I recently drove from New York City to LA following parts of Route 66 which was a glorious mix of these two interests.
I am also forever in search of good food. Any chance I can get to spend hours cooking or seeking the perfect chili noodle at a street stall is a great joy of mine.

What do you view as your biggest personal achievement?

It’s a hard question to answer and I don’t just have one. On a personal note as my children get older, and with one finishing high school and preparing for university I would have to say my family.

In a professional sense I enjoy being invited to be part of the wealth industry dialogue. Be it through an industry or government working group, contributing to a thought leadership forum or participating at a conference brings great satisfaction from working with my peers in this context.