Global Release Manager

Wealth Stream
Work type:
Full Time, Permanent
Gurgaon, India
Closing date:
31/01/2019 (closed)

Bravura Solutions Limited (BSL) (ref: is a global supplier of professional services
and highly specialised administration and management applications for superannuation & pension, life insurance,
investment, private wealth & portfolio administration, transfer agency and STP financial messaging.
Bravura delivers to some of the world’s leading financial institutions located globally, and employs more than 1200
people, staffing 16 offices across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa.

Job Purpose:
The Global Release Manager is a key member of the Sonata Development Team. Working within a team comprising
a global set of Architecture, Engineering, Development and Delivery Managers. The Release Manager will be located
in our India PDT location and coordinates with stakeholders globally. The Global Release Manager creates
innovative, robust solutions to meet our evolving and expanding requirements in an Agile environment. He/she is
expected to contribute in a collaborative fashion to ensure that the wider Global Engineering Organization (GEO) is
successful in achieving their goals.


Main activities

  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Team Leadership:
  •  - The leadership of a team of Build Engineers and Release Readiness Managers across multiple global
  • releases ensuring to-spec, on-time, high-quality delivery.
  •  - This is an individual contributor role. Need to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in an Agile
  • environment to attain common goals.
  •  - Quickly develops the Bravura domain knowledge necessary to contribute to technical decision-making
  • processes.
  •  - Promotes Bravura’s global development methodologies, technical architecture, Quality Strategy, and
  • processes within their teams and is pro-active in improving these.
  •  - Is attentive to the health of the global base product and suitability of all changes being appropriate to other
  • customers and products.
  • Sonata Build Management:
  •  - Supplies GEO with tools and processes for developers to work productively with Sonata code
  •  - Delivers continuously and with the acceptable performance the builds of Sonata from trunk and branches
  • that deploy correctly to dev and test environments
  •  - Owns and maintains the source code repository of Sonata (e.g. GIT) & build processes
  •  - Designs and maintains the build and source code infrastructure of Sonata (e.g. Jenkins, Anthill, Artifactory)
  • with the help of IT services
  •  - Collects feedback and constantly improves performance and quality of build process through upgrades of
  • tools and underlying infrastructure
  •  - Provides advice and support to other departments and roles within Bravura on build and deployment of
  • releases
  •  - Provides a guideline for application deployment to environment administrators within GEO and other
  • relevant departments
  •  - Provides a facility (such as SonarQube), to review and enforce architecture code patterns and roadmap for
  • developer test-driven development (TDD) for developers.
  •  - Contributes to IT infrastructure budgeting process when it comes to hardware components and software
  • tools required for build process and Sonata code repository
  • Sonata Release Management:
  •  - Delivers releases for Sonata from Trunk, meeting commonly agreed criteria for completeness and quality
  •  - Constantly monitors and reports release readiness and facilitates efforts across GEO to bring Sonata to
  • releasable state within required timescales
  •  - Owns the release schedule of Sonata including detailed steps and milestones
  •  - Owns the definition of quality gates and release readiness criteria, facilitates agreeing on these within GEO
  • and with other stakeholders
  •  - Monitors, reports and facilitates achievement of release readiness which includes assessment of risk and
  • reporting currently known issues
  •  - Validates completeness of the technical documentation issued with the release
  •  - Controls key milestones within the release process such as cutting branches, announcing and enforcing
  • code freeze and announcing official release builds
  •  - Acts as a gate keeper for change during critical phases of the release process
  •  - Implements agreed on methods of source control management, branching and merging of code
  •  - Assists the with release reporting function e.g. governance reports
  • Ownership of the Trunk:
  •  - Detects and reacts to situations when code committed into trunk causes the application to not build/compile
  • or in any other way adversely impacts the productivity of teams dependent on the trunk with immediate
  • effect
  •  - In the above situation identifies the root cause within the code and facilitates bringing the code base back
  • to a stable state
  •  - Drives towards automation of above tasks through the implementation of tools integrated with the build &
  • release infrastructure
  •  - Provides statistical information and feedback to the development community to constantly improve the
  • sense of ownership of Sonata code

To be successful in this role candidates will require:

Personal Competencies:
 Willing to work with new technologies and pro-active in developing new skills
 Motivated, hard-working and persistent
 Adaptable, pragmatic and works well under pressure
 Develops a rapport with others and works well in a team
 Takes ownership and be accountable for both individual and team tasks
 Innovative and be able to devise creative solutions to difficult problems
 Communicates well with both technical and non-technical staff
 Configuration Tools – git
 Build and Integration Tools – Jenkins
 Good understanding of technologies used to build sonata – Java, Oracle, JBoss
 Has experience with large/complex software product development.
 Has worked for organizations utilising best-practices for software development.
 Likely to have 15+ years’ experience in the computer industry, 5+ years’ experience in release
 Some experience in running a DevOps or Build & Release teams
 Has a proven record of successfully leading software engineering with a strong sense of quality ownership
and focus on customer satisfaction.

Desirable Specialist Knowledge
 Knowledge of Financial Services.
 Knowledge of Bravura tools.
 Knowledge of Bravura software.
 Work experience in Cloud-based technologies is preferable

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