Bravura implements Defined Benefit functionality in partnership with LGIAsuper

Brisbane/Sydney, 7 March 2018 – Bravura Solutions Limited is pleased to announce that LGIAsuper has gone live with Bravura’s Sonata solution as its new superannuation administration platform for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

LGIAsuper is the first client to benefit from Bravura’s defined benefit functionality on Sonata as part of their wider modernisation of integrated digital infrastructure.

The Sonata defined benefit solution provides LGIAsuper – which serves 85,000 members, including current and former Queensland local government staff, – with a unique and wide-ranging capability to administer existing defined benefit books of business while growing new business in accumulation and other retirement products. The implementation also includes Bravura’s messaging product for SuperStream, Babel, which combined with Sonata provides a complete, automated, end-to-end SuperStream compliance solution.

LGIAsuper Chief Executive Officer, David Todd commented: “We are delighted to have partnered with Bravura on this key initiative. The Sonata platform is a core component of our future growth plans for accumulation and retirement products. We will leverage Sonata’s comprehensive digital functionality to deliver an enhanced and engaging employer and member experience.”

Bravura’s Director of Business Development, Jason Tong, said: “We are pleased to implement Sonata and its defined benefit functionality in partnership with LGIAsuper. The Sonata defined benefit solution, which supports different styles of defined benefit business in step with customer demand, leverages the proven, functionally-rich capabilities of Sonata.”

Tong further comments: “With these new capabilities delivered by Sonata, LGIAsuper is market-leading in its ability to deliver comprehensive services and a superior member experience.”

Defined Benefit functionality is now available to license in Sonata for all current and new Sonata clients.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Daryl Wright
Head of Strategic Marketing
T: +61 2 9018 7891

For investor enquiries, please contact:

Rahul Badethalav
Head of Strategy and Investor Relations
T: +61 2 9018 7879


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