Group Life Insurance

Enhance customer service and member engagement with Sonata – a customer-centric solution for the administration of group life insurance

Sonata is a functionally-rich, web-enabled administration system underpinned by leading edge technology. Designed to help streamline the administration of your insurance products, Sonata supports the full insurance policy lifecycle — from the development and launch of new product offerings, through to the onboarding of new business, and the payment of benefits.

Sonata helps you:

  • Strengthen customer engagement – Integrated digital capabilities help you improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Streamline and optimise operational efficiency – Straight-through processing and configuration allows you to cut operational costs and streamline processes
  • Increase your control to support evolving business needs – A highly flexible business rules engine gives you the scalability to change as business needs evolve
  • Rapidly and flexibly deploy new products – Increased product development flexibility using highly configurable business rules

Drive member engagement, innovation, growth and profitability with the superior flexibility, performance and efficiency of the Sonata administration system.

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Sonata is a modern, web-enabled administration solution with deep functionality that draws on a long heritage of solution innovation. Sonata supports the administration of a broad range of business lines including wrap and platform, retail investments, retail and group super / pensions, and life insurance.

Sonata allows your business to focus on improving efficiency and growing the bottom line, all whilst providing excellent service to customers. Built from the ground up to help improve your organisation’s client engagement, Sonata’s rich functionality delivers a new benchmark in capability from product construction to operational management and technical integration. MORE