Private wealth

Increasingly sophisticated investors, recent economic issues and the expectation for high levels of client service has heightened competition for funds, as well as intensifying the need for private wealth managers to invest in their businesses. This pressure is compounded by a necessity to meet customer demand for more complex products, consolidated accounts and reporting, and accommodating more complex taxation arrangements – all in a cost effective and operationally manageable way. Many in the industry are now faced with a situation where their systems are struggling under the burden of this demanding environment.

Our products aim to deliver total business solutions for these next generation challenges. We provide our clients with leading capabilities integrated into solutions that deliver cost effectiveness and manageability, while providing flexibility for future needs and growth.


Garradin is a comprehensive, multi-currency investment management and private wealth system, with integrated asset administration, registry and tax management functions. Garradin provides advanced investment management features, supporting a wide range of products including SMSFs and Small APRA Funds. MORE