Wrap & platform

The global wrap and platform market continues to evolve, reflecting shifts in regulation, market conditions, consumer empowerment and technology advancements. These trends are impacting on business operations already contending with structural issues raised by regulatory change – including advisor remuneration models, trends to support non-advised models such as direct-to-consumer, the growing retirement income sector and product development requirements. When combined with margin pressure for platform operators, these factors necessitate technology decisions that support flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency.

The challenge is to employ underlying technology that keeps pace with the wrap and platform industry as it evolves and grows. The solution requires a functionally rich administrative system capable of meeting the needs of advisors and investors, complying with legislative requirements and delivering optimal business performance.


Sonata is a modern, web-enabled administration solution with deep functionality that draws on a long heritage of solution innovation. Sonata supports the administration of a broad range of business lines including wrap and platform, retail investments, retail and group super / pensions, and life insurance.

Sonata allows your business to focus on improving efficiency and growing the bottom line, all whilst providing excellent service to customers. Built from the ground up to help improve your organisation’s client engagement, Sonata’s rich functionality delivers a new benchmark in capability from product construction to operational management and technical integration. MORE