Surround technology

One of the key themes facing the financial services industry will be the increasing data-driven demands from regulators, clients and investors. The data theme will be reflected in a growing demand for surround technology solutions that break down isolated data silos and enable the consolidation of data from multiple back-office systems. Surround technology removes the risk of organisations making business decisions based upon divergent and/or inaccurate information. Links to legacy system functions can be maintained without discarding existing investment, and organisations can avoid the cost of expensive and complex transition projects.


Our Babel financial messaging technology, is an automated end-to-end Straight Through Processing (STP) solution that connects message providers with any platform and back office system, providing seamless communication and functionality.

It supports all the major European and North American message service providers and can process any message transmission medium format. Babel also provides UK fund managers and platforms with a fully automated re-registration solution for ‘in-specie’ transfers.

In Australia, Babel offers SuperStream messaging compliance and file translation services as new regulations make it mandatory for funds and fund administrators to send and receive information electronically using pre-defined file and messaging standards. MORE


For organisations with multiple operational systems, attempting to combine critical business information presents major formatting, transformation and consistency challenges. The Operational Data Store (ODS) is designed to optimise reporting, breaking down isolated silos of information by integrating data from multiple sources in a single structure. Its business intelligence layer provides clients with a single, integrated view of consistent, high-quality data across multiple systems – essential for accurate and actionable commercial insight. The data range and data entities continue to be extended to increase the scope of functionality as clients use the systems as a source for web front-end solutions. MORE