Professional services

Bravura Solutions’ professional services team bring unique expertise, deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience which enable our clients to maximise the value of their software investment, benefit from low risk implementations and achieve more effective use of the technology.


Our team of specialist consultants work closely with clients to thoroughly understand their needs, issues and objectives. Combining this in-depth knowledge with Bravura Solutions’ world class technology, ongoing support and maintenance delivers complete solutions that ensure your business goals are met.

Our consultants install, configure and verify all Bravura Solutions’ applications and third party software, migrate and convert data from existing systems to our systems, as well as engineer and document processes.

Bravura Solutions also provides a ‘shrink-wrapped’ process architecture for start-ups, comprising workflow, procedures, key performance indicators and standards. Customised to client needs, this architecture ensures highly efficient back office operations are established from the outset.

Data migration

Bravura Solutions has a proven track record in successfully migrating data to our systems. Our experienced data migration specialists possess extensive knowledge of source systems, as well as an intimate understanding of our own software, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.

Our specialised field mapping tool can be used with any source system, loading data into standard tables before importing to new systems. Migrated data is then validated and cross-checked, ensuring cleanliness and reliability.


At Bravura Solutions, we recognise that choosing one of our software solutions requires a considerable investment. Our project managers and teams bring extensive experience and work closely with you to ensure that implementation of our applications delivers known outcomes and minimum risk.

Backed by a best practice project management methodology, our approach includes the development of a comprehensive implementation and resource plan, requirements definition, configuration mapping, customer focussed testing and installation, as well as extensive user training.

Software development

Bravura Solutions has a highly skilled software engineering team that specialises in developing customer-specific system interfaces and managing systems integration.
Our developers provide expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle, including business case development, requirements modelling, specification design, development and testing.

Continuously Available Software (CAS) methodology delivers software development using an Agile-style software development life cycle to help mitigate the risks of implementing new developments, and to provide access to innovation as it becomes available.

Advanced Acceptance Testing (AAT) ensures critical quality/acceptance criteria are established early, and a clients’ own configuration is used in the testing process, minimising errors or ‘surprises’ during implementation.


Bravura Solutions offers a range of support to our clients. Whether over the phone, via email, through remote access, or on-site – we’re always here to help.

Our helpdesk support includes investigation and resolution of issues relating to Bravura Solutions’ software and approved third party software, as well as product usage assistance.

Our customers are provided with service level agreements for all current software and future upgrades of the core product.


For each standard implementation, Bravura Solutions provides our clients with extensive on-site user training across all aspects of system functionality. Our highly skilled and experienced training consultants provide hands on instruction supported by detailed product training materials.

We also offer customised group and individual training to further enhance the use of our software.

BPO partnering

Bravura Solutions joins forces with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers and technology partners to supply our clients with a fully outsourced product administration system. For more information about our technology partners, please click here.

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